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Author Topic: First Trip on Repaired Kayak  (Read 2088 times)

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First Trip on Repaired Kayak
« on: May 06, 2015, 02:35:49 PM »
So Just before I was coughtd by Cabin Fever I could take a trip to Techo Banine on my repaired Kayak.

The repair was good and had 2 Lovely launches Saturday and Sunday.
Also the first time using my new built in tackle tray.
Another first to go out with my "From Dad to Dad" Go Pro Hero action cam.

So armed with all this goodies we launched before sunrise and the first Pick Handle Barracuta was caught on RMG.
The Cam was set on Multi Foto and it took 2022 pics.
The next run was a Nice Kawa-Kawa and once again the cam was switched on but this time on nothing.
Thus no footage  :-X
Seconds after hatching the Kawa-Kawa I got the mother of all runs and was into something nice.
Made sure the cam is on video and then the towing starts.
3 Min into the action I made sure I am catching this action.

Well, the towing continued another 18 min straight East into the sunrise without 1 m line gained.
The fish was never seen and looking back to the shore I could just see the highest dunes.
I decided to break the line and take on the long paddle back against a fairly strong South Westerly wind.

Got a Kakaap in shallower water and beached about 11h00.

Follow the link and enjoy the first 3 min free ride with me.

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